GMA provides information investors need but never had...until now

Our mission is to empower investors to make smarter, safer and more effective investment decisions with vital information that, until now, has too often been withheld. This gives investors the ability to decide whether the investment advice they’re receiving is worth the fees they’re paying for it.

We believe:
  • Investors have the right to know how well their investor is performing on their behalf.
  • Financial Advisors should be held accountable, fairly, with facts in hand.
  • Advisor evaluations should be based on unbiased, impartial data.

We work for investors, providing the analysis and information that global investment firms, mutual funds, hedge funds and pension management companies are reluctant to provide.

What GMA means for investors and advisors.

We love financial advisors. Really, we do. In fact, we firmly believe that they are the most important asset in an investor’s portfolio. But, like any other investment, it’s important to monitor performance to make sure the investment in your financial advisor is a good one.

GMA gives investors and advisors the information needed to evaluate—and ultimately improve—portfolio performance.