We love questions, so fire away.

Is my information safe?
Yes. User data is protected by DigiCert, using 256-bit data encryption along with 2048-bit root certificates. In addition, your data is safeguarded by ongoing cyber and video monitoring augmented by physical inspection with alerts on any access attempts. Finally, we hire consultants on a regular basis to provide us with an analysis of our security and ways that we can improve.
What access does GMA have to my accounts when I run a report?
Our performance analysis requires access to your portfolio's data, and is stored anonymously in our database. Access is read-only. This means we have no ability to trade your account. All we can do is "read" your account details as if we were reading a monthly statement.
Will my advisor know I used GMA?
No. Your advisor will have no way to know that you’ve run a GMA report. You, and you alone, are our client.
Is GMA anti-investment advisor?
Absolutely not! In truth, we hope you share this report with your advisor. If the report is complementary, pat them on the back for a job well done. If there are areas of weakness, we urge you to work with your advisor to make improvements. Either way, this will likely be the first time anyone has shown them an institutional level, objective analysis of their investing skill. We provide you with a higher level of performance transparency than has ever been available to the retail investor. That is good for everyone.
Why doesn’t my financial advisor provide me with this information?
The information we provide provides you with full transparency.The industry has been able to control the flow of information since it was created. They have prospered all along the way. There is no incentive for them to provide you with full performance transparency. The basic truth is that the industry does not want you, or even your financial advisor, to have regular access to objective performance analysis. Why should they compete on performance when they don't have to?
Why should I evaluate my financial advisor?
Over an average investor’s lifetime, they will pay their financial advisor—on average—over $250,000. That’s cold, hard, out-of-pocket cash. If your advisor is proving you with added value through their investing skill, then they have earned every penny. If they have received $250,000 in fees while not skillfully investing your hard earned money—well, don't you think you should know if that is the case?
Isn’t investing part luck and part skill? Does it matter who’s investing my money?
Investing, like most everything in life, could fairly be called part luck and part skill. But, isn't it better to know which of the two your financial advisor is relying upon? Our report shows you just how much skill your financial advisor has, empowering you to make informed decisions.
Why should I trust you to evaluate my investment portfolio?
We use performance analysis tools that are similar, if not identical, to high-priced consultants. The creators of GMA have advanced degrees and have worked in analytical positions in Chicago, DC, London, and Switzerland. We take our work seriously as our reputations are on the line with every report we produce.
I’ve known my financial advisor for years and I’m happy with my returns. Why should I risk offense by hiring you to evaluate them?
We want you to love your investor...for the right reasons. The best relationships have truth, transparency and trust at their foundation. We give you the information you need to know, irrefutably, that your financial advisors are providing what they’re being paid to provide.